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This blog is designed to answer common FAQ about computers. Our library of Q&A is expanding every day so you can have your questions answered quickly. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us mail through our Youtube Channel. DISCLAIMER: FlashCreations is not responsible for any action taken based on our articles that caused damage to your property.

Looking for Guest Posters


Are you good with computers? Do you have a cool tip or trick that no one else knows? Do you want to get some more traffic to your blog? Well I have a very simple solution for you. It is the end of summer and this means it is time for classes to resume. I will be attempting the best I can to post new articles, but it is very hard to do over the week. I will be posting on Weekends, though (I am devoting most of my time to the new site layout). That said, this is your chance to become a guest blogger. What a guest blogger does is give articles to the blog's owner in exchange for something. In our case, that would be credit to you and a link to your blog/site. If you think you could write a computer related article, please post it on our Article Submission Board along with your name and your website. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks Everyone!!

, 9/07/2008 02:22:00 PM

How-To: Download Youtube Videos (Alternative Method)

How-To: Download Youtube Videos (Alternative Method)

In a previous article, How-To: Download Videos From Youtube, we discovered how to get your favorite video or maybe even a song from Youtube. The method mentioned in that How-To was probably the most efficent since there were usually only one or two steps to downloading. Still, I have found an amazing glitch in Youtube that allows you to download the videos without the need for any special programs. Read More...

, , 9/01/2008 12:58:00 PM

How-To: Be a Better Note-Taker

How-To: Become a Better Note-Taker

For some the school year is already upon us, and for others, it is just about to be. Note-taking is one of the most important skills for a student to possess. It helps them take in lots of information as the teacher explains it and writes up on the board. Without good note-taking skills, you can be stuck with piles of paper that mean virtually nothing to you. In this edition of How-To, you can learn how to improve your note taking schools (and maybe boost that English Grade!). Read More...

, , , 8/31/2008 01:24:00 AM

Top Posts for August

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Every month form now on I will be posting a Top Posts of The Month article so you can see the articles that fans are reading. For this month (August) there were several big posts that I will be including in this report (I may also redo some of the ones listed to be up-to-date with newer technology!). Side Note: It has been quite some time since I have posted anything about the new theme. I have been trying to upload it for ages now and Blogger simply won't accept the template. It says there are some problems with the tags (Read my Web Programming Articles to learn what those are) not being closed properly. I have validated the template with several sites and besides some errors that don't affect the visual aspect, they say nothing about this unclosed tag. Anyway, I am going to continue working on this template until it is fixed. Thank you all for your great patience. In the mean time, I will be posting a lot of articles to keep you guys busy while I work on the kinks. And again, help with either writing articles or finding bugs with the new template would be greatly appreciated as it is hard to keep up with writing articles, working on fixing the template, and all the other stuff I have to do. If you have some coding knowledge (HTML and CSS) or if you could write some articles, please email me. If you happen to help I might even consider making you part of the FlashCreations team. Thanks Everyone!! And now, the top articles of August:

  1. Torrents: Legal or Illegal [Article]
  2. Freeware Roundup [Free Sofware]
  3. Get Rid of the Hello Message on Youtube [How-To]
  4. Download Videos from Youtube [How-To]
  5. Watch Movies and TV Shows Legally for Free [Tip]
  6. The Best Protection [Article]
  7. Disable the UAC in Windows Vista [How-To]
  8. Reset Your Windows Password [How-To]
  9. My Favorite Firefox Addons [List]
  10. Optomize Your Computer to Peak Condition [How-To]
, , 8/26/2008 05:07:00 PM

Tip: Launch Programs Quicker With Speed Launch

Tip: Launch Programs Quicker With Speed Launch

Microsoft is not the favorite when it comes to software production. Yes they have created the Office suite and Vista and XP and pretty much everything that is on a fresh install of a PC. We always, though, find some major bug with their software that doesn't happen with freeware. Bugs and errors are part of any Microsoft program, and yes they are annoying (This is quite an understatement!), but there are some products that Microsoft makes that are pretty reliable. Anyway, enough with my rambling; let's get to the point. Microsoft Office Labs (I don't know why they are calling it Office Labs since this program has nothing to do with Office) has released a beta program called Speed Launch, and it's aim (Hahaha!! Get it. The icon is a target...never mind) is to speed up access to programs (hence the name Speed Launch, duh!). And remarkably, I haven't had it crash yet (Three days with no crashes, why that's a Microsoft record!!). Read More...

, , 8/23/2008 06:11:00 PM

List: My Favorite Online Gaming Sites

List: My Favorite Online Gaming Websites

So you find yourself sitting at your computer absolutely bored out of your mind. What should you do? Check your email? Read this blog (This is a good idea too!!)? How about play some online games. There are tons of sites out there, but which one to choose? Hopefully this list, will help you find out which site you will go to. Read More...

, , , , 8/22/2008 10:40:00 PM

New Site BETA Release

New Site BETA Release

As the new site nears completion, I will be releasing a beta version for testing online. You can help with the beta testing by taking a screen shot of how the site looks to you and providing your browser and operating system. You may upload the image to photobucket or another photo sharing site and send us a link through the contact page. For help on taking a screen shot see this wikihow article. The beta site will be released on flashcreations-beta.blogspot.com at Midnight on Thursday (In Eastern Time) as long as there are no delays. Once the beta site is up, please help by emailing us your view. If you can't upload a screen shot, you can also describe features that you think need fixed. Any suggestions or tips can help too. If you are an experienced HTML and CSS program you can also contribute by offering your coding knowledge. Any help will aid us in releasing the new site earlier. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help with the new site, please email. Thanks!! Also, Don't Forget to include your screen resolution when you send us an email. If you are not sure what your screen resolution is, see this WikiHow for help.

, , , 8/19/2008 03:25:00 AM