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New Site BETA Release

New Site BETA Release

As the new site nears completion, I will be releasing a beta version for testing online. You can help with the beta testing by taking a screen shot of how the site looks to you and providing your browser and operating system. You may upload the image to photobucket or another photo sharing site and send us a link through the contact page. For help on taking a screen shot see this wikihow article. The beta site will be released on flashcreations-beta.blogspot.com at Midnight on Thursday (In Eastern Time) as long as there are no delays. Once the beta site is up, please help by emailing us your view. If you can't upload a screen shot, you can also describe features that you think need fixed. Any suggestions or tips can help too. If you are an experienced HTML and CSS program you can also contribute by offering your coding knowledge. Any help will aid us in releasing the new site earlier. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help with the new site, please email. Thanks!! Also, Don't Forget to include your screen resolution when you send us an email. If you are not sure what your screen resolution is, see this WikiHow for help.

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