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Tip: Launch Programs Quicker With Speed Launch

Tip: Launch Programs Quicker With Speed Launch

Microsoft is not the favorite when it comes to software production. Yes they have created the Office suite and Vista and XP and pretty much everything that is on a fresh install of a PC. We always, though, find some major bug with their software that doesn't happen with freeware. Bugs and errors are part of any Microsoft program, and yes they are annoying (This is quite an understatement!), but there are some products that Microsoft makes that are pretty reliable. Anyway, enough with my rambling; let's get to the point. Microsoft Office Labs (I don't know why they are calling it Office Labs since this program has nothing to do with Office) has released a beta program called Speed Launch, and it's aim (Hahaha!! Get it. The icon is a target...never mind) is to speed up access to programs (hence the name Speed Launch, duh!). And remarkably, I haven't had it crash yet (Three days with no crashes, why that's a Microsoft record!!). Read More...

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