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Freeware Roundup!

Freeware Roundup!

I always emphasize to everyone usually if something has FREE! or FREE or even just free in the title it's usually either a) Illegal or b) A Crappy Trail Version (Kinda like all the software that comes installed on your computer when you first get it). Wouldn't it be nice if there was truth to the word free. If you Google anything, do NOT put the word free in it. The word free most commonly comes up with trial software. The website designers use any keyword they can and free just happens to be very popular. Most people search for free software or such, but that won't work. One day I did a search for AVG Free (Investigation Only. I wasn't going to download it) and it can up with free (Well I'm not going to say it, but we all know what it is). Yeah. You heard me right. This is why I have a challenge for all my readers. I challenge you to not search anything with the word free in it on Google or any other search engine. It might actually reduce the use of the word free and then in a few years, we can search free in Google and get some actual results. In this article, I will be rounding up the best free (No trial versions) software out there. So cancel you illegal download, close your torrent program, get a cup of coffee (or tea!) and get those mice ready because there will be a lot of clicking to do!! Read More...

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