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This blog is designed to answer common FAQ about computers. Our library of Q&A is expanding every day so you can have your questions answered quickly. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us mail through our Youtube Channel. DISCLAIMER: FlashCreations is not responsible for any action taken based on our articles that caused damage to your property.

Something New!

Something New!

Have you noticed anything different about the site. Well, besides the new look, there's something else. It's near the top of our home page and it is in uppercase letters. Still don't see it? I better just tell you then. It's a link to our new forum! There is still some design work (major work) to be done, but you can still sign up for it. Our forum will be devoted to your computer questions. As more people join, we can create a vast online community of people who are looking for answers to computer questions, and helping others with their problems. Who knows, your response might even be featured on our home page!! So what are you waiting for??? Click the forum link in our link menu, click the register button, and start asking and answering questions!!! Also on a side note, look forward to our mid-month round-up of some of the best articles so far!!

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