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Dangerous Click: Why You Shouldn't Click Those
Banner Ads

Dangerous Click: Why You Shouldn't Click Those Banner Ads

Have you ever been browsing a website and constantly been distracted by the bright flashing ad on the side of the page. Isn't is very annoying when you are trying to read an article, but there is one of those banner ads right next to the text. "No," you think to yourself, "I shouldn't click this". It looks so tempting. It says you are the 1,000,000,000 visitor and you are a big winner!! What have you won??? You can stand it anymore so you decide to just click it. What harm could it do? A lot; but you don't know this so you continue on filling out all you information (Name, email, address, maybe even a credit card number). The next day you check you email, anxious to see if you've received your prize, but you haven't. You just have 200 spam emails. This is the danger of clicking on those ads. This article will talk about the other dangers of banner ads and ways to prevent yourself from clicking them. Read More...

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Banner Ads"

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