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Glary Utilities is a Possible Replacement for CCleaner

Glary Utilities is a Possible Replacement for CCleaner

You may have noticed that CCleaner is a great freeware tool for optimizing your computer and freeing up space for more important things. Almost anybody on the internet would suggest CCleaner. I still will, but I have found a solution that is a CCleaner + Shortcut Fixer + Spyware Scanner all in one. It even features a feature called 1 Click Maintenance which runs the Registry Cleaner, Shortcut Fixer, Startup Manager, Temporary File Cleaner, and Spyware Remove all with the click of a mouse (Well actually two, one to scan and then the other to run the cleanup). Even so, this feature is a great replacement for using tons of applications and having to open and run each. Read More...

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