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Tip: Disable the UAC for Certain Programs

Tip: Disable the UAC for Certain Programs

In my previous article, we learned the two ways to disable the Windows Vista UAC: a command prompt hack and through command prompt. It is not a good idea to disable the UAC for extended periods of time due to security vulnerabilities and programs gaining unauthorized access to your computer. Most of us though, are so annoyed with certain programs being blocked by the UAC. The reason for this is because the program needs to perform an administrative task such as accessing the internet (Browsers are exempt), and editing and deleting files in system folders (Such as Program Files and the Windows folder). In fact, you probably disabled UAC because it blocks one of your programs that you use frequently. There is hope. With a simple little trick using the task scheduler, you can run your programs with administrative privileges without the UAC bothering you! Read More...

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